Email Marketing : 7 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog – Part 7

So, the sixth way of making money with your blog is to use email marketing. And the prerequisite to that is that you have to actually start building your own newsletter list from your website or websites. And I’ve got an example here of one of my sites that I set up a while ago. It’s not very active so it’s nothing flash to look at: If you don’t know what Cisco Certification is, don’t worry about it, it’s an IT related industry I used to work in. But I just want to scroll down the page and show you these particular areas here.

So, this is essentially a form that people can put their name and their email address into and sign up to a newsletter and using what’s called an autoresponder. And here’s the link for the autoresponder service I use and recommend.

But what it does is allows you to collect names on an email list and you can automatically send them out prewritten emails. You can create a sequence of emails for example, that will help explain who you are, what you do and what you can offer them, excellent sales tool.

And one of the reasons why this is very popular, I guess the thing is this, someone gets to your website and they don’t buy something or they don’t click on an ad of some description that earns you an income and they disappear then that’s it. You got them and they’re gone and it cost you X amount of dollars and cents and or time to get them there. So, they were potentially a wasted amount of traffic for your site.

Now let’s just assume that they were on topic to what your blog is about, let’s assume that to start with. Then why would you waste them? And I see this all the time, people who set up blogs that don’t collect people, the names and email addresses of the visitors to their site, as a way to keep in contact with them.

By using a simple form like this and asking people to register for updated information or even you could even have them register just to find out every time you make a new post to your blog. And that’s quite popular, particularly with the blogs that people like, rather than they want to have to jump back there and check it every day. It’s nice that you can actually just send an email out to people automatically and it will say I’ve made a new post to my blog and this is the link to it. And a lot of bloggers are doing that.

But one of the big advantages of having your own list is you have the opportunity to communicate with that person more than once. And you can, over time, give them a chance to get to know who you are and why what you’re offering is a benefit to them. Because think about this, when you walk into a retail store and you’re just browsing, you’re not really interested in buying something. And a sales person comes up to you and says, “Hi how can I help you?” “Oh I’m just looking.” “Oh okay, no problems, look around.” And that’s it, you look around, you walk out.

Great, that happens all the time. But think about this, what if that sales person’s boss said to them, Hey that person just walked out. That could have been a sale. You just cost the company money. You just cost yourself commission. Here’s the deal. From now on, what I want you to do every time someone comes in the door, I will pay you $5 if you can get them to register for our newsletter and we’ll send them out a catalog every month. And that will be commission for you and it’s a benefit for the business because we’re building a database of potential clients and clients. I can guarantee you every single sales persons focus would suddenly change from Yeah fine, have a look around” to “Hey, how can I get this person to sign up to the newsletter?

I used to, quite a few years ago I used to manage a computer store in the retail environment in the City of Perth. And it was the first and so far the only company I’ve ever seen that actually produced a printed glossy color printed catalog every month. And our job, if someone wasn’t looking to buy something, our job was to get them to sign up to that catalog for free. We would post it to them for free.

And it brought in so much business for us because they walked in, had a look around, maybe they had 5 minutes to kill on their lunch break. They weren’t going to buy something. But down the track they were interested in buying something. And if they’re constantly getting a catalog from our company, the company I was working for with lots of good specials and lots of good products and it looked professional. It turned into heaps of business. And I see so few companies do that these days. Practically, I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve had a company try and get me to register for their catalog.

You know the only company I can think of that does that is Tandy Electronics. They’re about the only company and I don’t think they do a great job of it but they still do it.

You’re missing huge amounts of money in the long term for your business by not building a list.

Now remember earlier we were looking at Darren Rowse’s website, okay. Now this guy has his own list and as of something I was reading while I was on his blog the other day, he has over 62,000 readers subscribed to his newsletter, 62,000 readers. Now do you think there might be some correlation between why Darren makes over $10,000 a month from his blog or blogging network versus someone who has no readers subscribed and makes $100 a month? I guarantee you that that list is one of the key elements to him making big extra dollars out of his blog.

So, to go back to my website here, as I said, this site’s not very active so I haven’t updated the newsletter. It’s not something I’ve had time to invest in. but when I first started it and put this up, people were signing up. I was blown away that people were actually registering wanting to be kept up to date.

You know if I ever got up off my bum and did something about it, I could probably turn this into quite a productive site. So, if anyone out there actually knows anything about Cisco Certification and wants to be perhaps a writer for this site, I’m quite happy to do a 50/50 split in revenue for the site for you as long as you write the content and do a little bit of the management of it.

The site’s been up and running for a couple of years. So, it’s not a brand new site. And that little box there is, that’s the potential to be earning, $5,000, $10,000 a month or more for your blog.

So, you have to, you have to build your list.

Now I’m not going to go into all the in depth details about how to be an effective email marketer. That’s something I’ll have to leave for perhaps another SEO Traffic Secrets product. I’ll certainly have more information about it on the website for you at some stage. But you definitely want to start doing that.

Have a look in the resource section, there will be some links to some recommended email marketing services.

Okay, one to go and then we’re finished, I’ll speak to you soon.

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