Justin Popovic – From Technical Sales Rep to Internet Entrepreneur

Justin Popovic lives about 1 hr’s drive north of Toronto, Canada and is a 33 year old successful Internet Entrepreneur.

3 years ago he was looking for a way to escape his career and become a full time business owner as a personal coach. He didn’t know much about being an entrepreneur but knew he needed a platform where he could share his knowledge and attract potential customers. He took a huge risk and left his full time corporate career to dedicate his life to building his business.

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Despite the blank stares and looks of disappointment on the faces of many friends and family, he continued to move forward. Justin poured thousands more dollars into design and marketing courses, seminars as well as advertising opportunities that brought him a total of ZERO new business. Not to mention the massive number of hours he was spending working on his website.

The small amount of money he was making in business came from cold calling or hustling his services at trade shows, seminars and colleges. His lack of results were really starting to hammer at his confidence. The people around him who had doubted his decision to become a full time business owner were starting to look like they were right. He was becoming frustrated and began to worry whether he was going to be able to pull it off.

It was then that he learned a funny thing about success. For the 12-18 months he and his business partner were struggling to build a successful business, 90% of the ideas they tried did not work. But 10% DID work and since they were testing so many ideas for such a long time, that 10% of successful ideas started adding up. Nowadays, he’s a successful online entrepreneur, Website coach and online trainer, and has multiple successful PROFITABLE online ventures.

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