Offline Marketing Methods – Part 2

So the next point for us is you’ve got your compelling offer, now write your sales copy and it could be ‑‑ if it is a business card, you may not write too much. If it is a brochure, it depends on how many pages, I don’t know whether you are doing front and back and that sort of stuff. Try not to waste a page with just graphics, all right? You want to maximize the opportunity to present your message to people, so it is nice to have graphics on it to make it look good and professional, but you want to take a chance to put plenty of information on that.

So when you write your sales copy, this would have to be the #1 stupidest thing that people who design marketing and advertising literature and brochures and all that stuff do, drives me absolutely crazy because it is just the stupidest thing. When you are writing your sales copy, write it and then go through and remove every incidence of the word “we,” “us” and “I” and instead use the word “you” or “your” or something similar in that place.

You want to write for them. Don’t brag or boast to them about you. Tell them what you can do for them, don’t tell them how wonderful you are. Let your customers do that by having testimonials. And that is what testimonials are all about. If you don’t testimonials from your customer, get off your butt and ask for them. Definitely an important thing to do. So once you have written your sales copy, go through and everywhere you got the words “we,” “us” and “I” try and replace it with “you” or “your.”

Now there may be the odd occasion where you have to use “we,” “us” or “I” because it is going to completely mess up the meaning of the sentence. But the point I am trying to make is write this copy for them. Talk to them about their needs, wants, desires. Help them solve their problems. That is sales psychology one on one. That is step two.

Now onto step three. As a general rule, I would say try not to sound too formal unless your market is extremely formal. Be conversational but not too familiar. So don’t get “the customer of ABC company has requested a certain specification for blah, blah, blah, blah”. Don’t bore them to death. What I suggest you do is write as though you are actually sitting down having a conversation with them. You can probably remove the swear words if you are prone to that sort of stuff. But write as though your conversation ‑ write as though it was your mother or your father or your brother sitting next to you and you are explaining it to them just person to person. So being too familiar is where you cross that line and make crude jokes or all that sort of stuff, you don’t want to do that.

OK. So, onto the next point. Step number four: offer them compelling, persuasive reasons for contacting you or visiting your website. It’s kind of what I said up here, but I’m just making the point that once you’ve decided what you’re going to say, then you formalize it. OK? I’m going to show you an example of something I’ve done recently, once we’ve finished going through this presentation.

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