Offline Marketing Methods – Part 3

So now, let’s move on to step five. Once you’ve got all of your copy and your offer and all of that stuff sorted, then you can have it formatted into a brochure, a flyer, postcard, business card, or whatever, and then go and get them printed. And look, printers: there’s so many out there. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Do not go for the mega‑expensive, fancy‑‑unless that’s your market. Try something basic. You don’t have to spend a fortune having this done.

If you want to experiment, do the cheapest one you can to start with, if it’s appropriate. Like I say, if your market is up‑market, then don’t do that because it will look pretty tacky, but if you can get away with not being too flash, experiment and see what sort of results you get. And then, as you start to get results, invest some of the profits from the sales into having some slightly nicer stuff put in.

The most important thing I would say to you when you go to a graphic designer or a printer to have this done: do not let them tell you to change the words. The words on the brochure or the business card or whatever are the most important thing. Now, OK, if your spelling is abysmal and your grammar is abysmal, maybe they can help you clean it up. But just because they don’t think it looks good or they think it’s a strange way to do it doesn’t mean to say that’s correct.

They’re there to typeset and print the product. That’s it. Don’t let them get involved in changing what you’ve written, because you’re the best one to sell your product if you’ve already been doing it. OK?

Now, I did a quick search on Google for brochure design and printers, and there’s lots of different options. In Australia, there’s a company called Worldwide Online Printing. So they’re They’re not too bad. They’re not the cheapest option; particularly for business cards, I don’t think they’re the cheapest. But they do offer a pretty good range, and their prices are reasonable.

So they have all sorts of different brochures available, different sizes. They have marketing cards, postcards, mass emailers, booklets, whatever. OK. There’s lots of different options. Alright? So you can contact these sorts of people and get them to do a quote for you.

Another example I found was, if you don’t know much about it‑‑maybe you can’t afford to have someone do the layout of the brochure and all that stuff, you may have the facilities to do it yourself‑‑ is an excellent website. They’ve got LOTS of different topics in there.

And there’s a whole section here on desktop publishing, on brochures. OK? So, go to, and then, from there, you should be able to work your way down to an area. So, whether it’s brochures or whatever, lots of good ideas about how to do things here, lots of different offers. OK? is a huge site. It’s got lots of cool stuff on it.

If you’re someone who loves to write, you should actually think about becoming an editor or a writer for them. They do accept people in certain, limited categories. And if it’s a category of interest to you, it’s worthwhile. You’ll get a lot of exposure. And as you start to perform, they will actually pay you for the work with the profit that comes from the ads on the site.

So, all of this stuff is Google AdWords, for example. You will start to get a percentage of the clicks that come through for that site. And if you do the job right, there’s potentially a decent five, or even a six‑figure income doing this kind of stuff. I very seriously thought about it. They were actually looking for someone to be a writer on the subject of Google a couple of months ago, and that may still be the case. And I very seriously thought about it. But I don’t have the time, with everything else I’m doing, so I decided not to.

So, just think about it. That’s what they call it: be a guide. So check that out. You just might find that it could be a great opportunity for you. It could really get you some publicity out there. And About’s such a big site, and it has such good rankings in the search engines, that the chances are, if you’re willing to invest the time writing and coming up with great content for their site around a topic, then they could be the perfect medium for you to really get your name known out there in the market.

OK. Now, what other one do I have here? Now, I found a site for‑‑these guys look like they’re based in the US, so if you’re a viewer in the US, I’d certainly check them out: Now, what they sell is professional‑looking marketing materials‑‑basically, like templates. So, if you want a nice‑looking brochure, but you have no idea how to drive anything more than Word, for example, they have templates.

And they have them by application, so you could get brochures for Microsoft Word. They have them by product type, whether you want brochures, newsletters, flyers, ads, blah, blah, blah. And they even have them by industry. OK? So you may say, “OK. Well, I could come up with something nice.” And you just buy the template, and it’s all ready to go. So that may be an easy way for you do it. Alright? It really comes down to your budget and your capabilities.

OK. So, what I want to show you now is an example of something that I’ve done myself. Or, actually, let me go and do step six. Just one second. Jumping ahead of myself there.

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