Offline Marketing Methods – Part 5

Now, what I want to do is I want to show you an example of something that I actually did myself recently. Now, I had to have new business cards just designed recently for my business, and I want to show you an example of the compelling offer I made, just that alone. So I’ve gone to: the website is

Now, they’re an Australian‑based firm, but they ship all around the world. I encourage you to check them out. These guys do great cards, cheap as chips. For those of you who’ve never heard that phrase, that means they’re very, very cheap to buy. The quality is excellent, and they’re fast. I ordered this online on a Saturday. It got delivered, I think it was on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, a couple of days later, and the cards were fantastic.

So I just want to quickly flip over and show you the back of the card. Any time you do business cards, make sure you have something printed on the back. Do not waste that space; you are missing the opportunity to sell something. So here’s my business card. And what did I put on the back? My compelling offer is a free video series available to all site visitors. What do you think I want them to do? Go and visit my website.

And the title of the free video series: “How to Make Your Website Profitable.” Ha! How about that? This card talks about how I can help you find sales leads and make sales from your website, improve your rankings in the search engines, set up and manage AdWords, or do successful email marketing without spamming.

So, anyone who’s got a website who’s interested in making their website profitable, there’s an offer. It’s free. They go to the site, they sign up. Believe it or not‑‑I’m embarrassed to say this‑‑the video is not live on the site yet, because I’ve been too busy doing these training videos for you. But it will be up there very soon. Alright?

What I’ve done is I’ve turned my business card from a brag tool into a sales tool, because most people think of their business cards as almost like bragging rights: “Hey, I’m Fred Smith, and I work for” Well, I don’t give a damn about that. I haven’t actually put a company name. I’ve just put my website address instead: I’ve listed my four key services there. OK?

But the most important part of that whole business card is on the back. That is my compelling offer. OK?

Now, I haven’t put a unique selling proposition on this particular card, because I’m not trying that hard to do that yet. I want to get them to understand how there are so many different ways to make their website profitable so that they can then say, “OK. Well, I thought of way number one and number 3, but there’s 14 different ways,” for example. “Wow. Maybe this guy can help me.” Then I’ve got an opportunity to make them a unique selling proposition or to offer them a great guarantee. OK?

It’s all about putting it in the right place at the right time. If you’re trying to sell something off your brochure, then you want to put that hot guarantee in there. If you’re just trying to generate a sales lead, then the most important thing you can do is put a compelling offer in there, just to get them to consider you. OK?

So, if you’re designing business cards, I highly encourage you to do something like this. Alright? It could be a free report. You don’t have to go to the extent that I’m doing, of using Camtasia videos hooked up to an autoresponder and yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You can offer to send them a free report or a sample, or whatever it is, or a brochure for a free trial. Whatever. Just make it worthwhile.

I don’t know too many people who are in business, using a website for business purposes, that are not interested in making their website profitable, so that’s why I’ve got that in. And by the way, please try not to copy my idea for yourself. I’m sure somebody will, but do me a favor and try not to steal it. OK?

Alright. So, there we go. You’ve seen my business cards. The point of that was simply to show you an example of a compelling offer. OK?

Alright. That should pretty well cover how to build traffic using offline methods, such as brochures, business cards, that sort of stuff. Personally, at this stage, I don’t want or need to use brochures. It’s not right for my kind of business. But at some stage, what I will be doing is producing either CDs or DVDs which will be like a multimedia brochure, and that will be getting sent out to people as a sales tool.

But for the moment, the business cards work great, and I just have to leverage my website by putting up all the different tools and the offers I need. And that’s a way to communicate with people.

The great thing about using the web is, unless your web server or the whole network goes down, it runs 24/7, 365, and you don’t have to be there to run it if you’ve got your system set up properly. So, once I’ve built the videos and set up the email system, it’s all completely automatic. So, if someone logs up on my site Sunday morning at 2:00 AM, they can interact with it and watch the videos and sign up for the newsletter and get information just as easily as someone on a Tuesday at 11:00 AM.

OK. That’s it. Check out the resource section. I’m sure there’ll be some useful stuff there for you. And let’s head on to the next video. Thanks for watching this one.

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