CPA Affiliate Marketing : 7 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog – Part 3

Okay, option number one was contextual advertising, we had a brief look at that. Option number two is something called CPA networks. You might not have ever heard of these before. CPA stands for Cost Per Action.

Now basically, a CPA network is somewhat similar to an affiliate network in that they allow businesses to promote their products in exchange for a commission. Now CPA is primarily aimed at people taking an action, hence the name.

And an action could be getting someone to click on a link. It could be getting someone to a particular web page and getting them to fill in a form. Or it could be a sale. So, there are lots of variables there depending on which company you’re dealing with and which network.

And some of the more well known CPA networks are companies like Zoogle, Commission Monster and Modern Click. Zoogle’s probably one of the biggest ones out there. Commission Monster is an Australian company. I’ve actually started having some dealings with them recently. But they do have overseas services also, it’s not just available for Australia. And Modern Click is quite a good one as well.

If you want to find a list of CPA networks I just went to Google and typed in list of CPA networks and here’s one that came up straight away,, which is here. And it gives you a list with some of the best CPA networks including companies like Max Bounty, there is Zoogle, CJ, or Commission Junction is probably the largest CPA network. And we’ll talk more about them in a little while, for another option.

Share a Sale is another one, Link Share, so, there is a whole range of different ones. Now you’ll quite often find that CPA and affiliate networks are quite often interchangeable. I’m not sure exactly whether there is a difference in some people’s minds. I tend to view them slightly differently but they probably the boundaries cross with them.

So, where would you use a CPA network? Well CPA networks are great for websites that are focused on topics that advertisers are looking for people on. So, let me give you a real world example.

One of my clients is in the stock market education business. So, they teach people how to trade the stock market. So, they’re a pretty serious sort of business. And we’ve been experimenting with finding new leads for their business on Commission Monster.

And what we’re doing there is we’re paying for a lead. And in this particular case the lead is someone who fills out a form on my clients’ website to attend a free seminar they’re offering on the stock market.

There are other options. Virgin Airlines just recently introduced an offer through Commission Monster where they would pay for a click on one of their ads through to their website with a current bonus.

How much you make varies entirely. The more you make, typically the harder it is to get a sale. So, you really want to match up your site with the right offer. Anyone selling products or services, credit cards, what else, travel, debt reduction or management services, there are lots of interesting things there you can do. If you’re not sure what’s available, just zip onto each of the CPA networks and take a look at the different product that they offer, and see if you can find one that works for you.

Keep in mind that some CPA networks may only service a particular country. So, for example, if you’re an Australian based blogger and you’re blogging about a topic that’s relevant to Australians, then you’ll probably find you won’t have so much success with going with a company that’s primarily US centric. And by that I mean their products and services are sold into the US. A classic might be credit cards, for example.

CPA networks love selling credit cards to a bank. So, if you’re an Australian blogger and your market is primarily Australian, you’re not going to have much success getting people to sign up for an American bank credit card. So, keep that in mind when you actually go off and have a look.

But there are lots of networks out there that deal with this sort of stuff. And you can make some really good money out of this sort of stuff. There are companies that make many thousands of dollars a month, even tens of thousands of dollars a month through CPA offers. You’ve just got to match your blog topic up to their products. Shop around, find out what works for you. And once you produce some good results, they should assign you your own account manager and then you can often negotiate better deals with them if you’re actually a good performer.

All right, that’s what I wanted to say on the subject of CPA networks. Go check them out and we’ll talk more about the other options of making money in your blog in a minute.

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