Sponsored Reviews : 7 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog – Part 5

The next way to make money with your blog, well there are two examples in particular I’m going to show you, are relatively new companies. From memory, they’ve only been around for six to twelve months, certainly not much longer than that. And that’s the option of doing what I called sponsored reviews.

In other words, you have the option of being able to, there are central websites, and the two examples I’m going to look at are Pay Per Post and Review Me. And we’ll just quickly open Pay Per Post, for example.

So, what Pay Per Post does is it matches up bloggers with advertisers. And as a blogger you can get paid to blog about the things you love. So, for example, if you’re a blogger who’s interested in photography, for example, then there could be a company advertising via Pay Per Post that wants some blog to write about their new digital camera, for example.

So, you can actually earn an income for writing about that. Keep in mind that there are disclosure required. So, you can’t do what appears to be, it’s the old story of you see advertising or advertorials in the newspapers for example that are required to put advertising feature listed at the top or something like that.

Even if you go to Google and do a search on Google, and you’ll notice that the Google AdWords ads, let’s see, digital cameras, the example I used previously, they do have the word or the phrase, sponsored link there or sponsored links.

Okay so, that’s what I mean by disclosure, so that the public knows that that’s paid advertising option.

So, there is nothing wrong with doing this, some people say Oh that’s terrible. You shouldn’t be getting paid to advertise someone’s product. Well newspapers do it all the time. They pay for advertising, it’s just a different way of doing advertising.

Now there are effective ways of using this kind of service and there are not effective ways. Effective ways are to genuinely give a good review and give lots of good information about the site or the service that you’re looking at.

A non-effective way is just to load a pippi rubbish thing. “Oh this was a fantastic product, it’s just the best I’ve ever seen and thank you very much, I’ll pocket my $10 or $50 or whatever dollars.

How much you get paid depends on how popular your website is, how many readers you have, what your Google page rank is, that sort of stuff. So, I’m not going to go into the details of that. You can look that up at Pay Per Post. But it is defiantly an option to look at. There are people making quite good money out of this.

So, for example, top blog is this much, how much are they making? This lady made $157, $146, $144. If we go back to the 7 Ways, you remember I mentioned earlier, don’t rely on one option. You know you should go with all, chose one or more ways to make money. And you might drop the occasional paid of sponsored review in there to get some extra money.

Now the competitor to Pay Per Post is Review Me. And similar sort of concept. If you own a blog you can earn money for writing about websites or products or whatever. So, you can go to have a look at their website as well, reviewme.com.

There was just an interesting little testimonial I spotted here by Jeremy Shoemaker who’s a very, very successful online marketer/Blogger at shoemoney.com. And he said, Review Me has allowed me to generate great revenue reviewing products I find interesting. That’s one of the advantages of this kind of service, is that you can actually choose to just write about the products and services that are interesting to you.

If you’re a digital camera blog you don’t want to be writing about clothing or something like that. You want to write about something that’s relevant to you.

So, there is not a heck of a lot more I want to say about this subject. However, I will say one thing in closing. You can go and read the sites and get an idea of what they offer. Just keep in mind that Google is getting a little bit more touchy about people doing paid review type or paid links that are designed to boost their websites’ ranking in Google. And so, that’s why that whole disclosure thing is very important.

I don’t think personally it’s a great idea just to create a blog that earns income doing sponsored reviews. I know that it’s a business model a few people have tried. I don’t think it’s personally a great idea unless you can do something really special.

But use it as on occasion to add an extra revenue source to your business, that’s really the main thing I would say. It’s available, it’s going to work for some people, it won’t be suitable for others.

But certainly have a look at it, it is another arrow in your bow, as they say. Okay we’re back in a minute with another way to make money for your blog.

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