Sell Advertising : 7 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog – Part 6

Okay, the fifth way to make money with your blog is to sell advertising space or traffic from your website. Now I probably should state what may be obvious, but may not be, that you need to actually have a site that’s getting some traffic before you can start doing this.

If you’re a brand new blog and the only visitor is yourself and your mother then you’re not going to get too many people to do this. But once your blog is built to a certain level of traffic where you’re getting enough customers coming through the door or getting enough readers coming through the door, you then are in a position to start selling exposure to those eyeballs.

And companies will pay for that sort of stuff, okay? Look at Google, Google AdWords, which I’ve mentioned previously, Google AdWords sells traffic. People want traffic to their website and Google provides the option for them to get it. It just happens to be wrapped around a really good search engine as a bonus.

And Yahoo does the same and msn does the same as well. Most search engines have their own system for doing that.

However, there are probably two ways to do this at the simple level. There are lots of complicated ways to do this where you can hook up with specialized networks of organizations that can provide these services for you. But you’re talking about very high level stuff usually.

So, what I want to do is give you two simple examples of a way that you can do this. And the first example is, if you’ve never heard of this website,, John’s got quite an interesting reputation on the Internet. He’s a very successful blogger and over $10,000 a month as a rule. Go to, get his free make money online book, it’s actually not bad, it’s got some good stuff in there. And you can pick some tips up. He’s a little bit in your face in what he does but he’s successful.

You’ll notice that one of the links I’ve clicked on is the advertise link at the top. So, John basically offers the option for people to advertise on his website. And if we just scroll over here, you’ll see all these little sponsors here, sponsors, ACS, Reverse Funnel Systems. He sells these spots for you to put your advertising in.

And you’ll find quite a lot of the bigger bloggers do that kind of stuff as well. But if we just jump back here, let’s look at some key features. And one of the key features is that if an advertiser is going to use your site, you need to let them know what you’ve got available. So, John tells you how many page views per month he’s getting, how many unique visitors, what the site is targeted at, some of his site stats. So, if you’ve never heard of Alexa, Alexa is a way to rank how popular your site is on the web. The lower the number the better.

So, an Alexa ranking of 1 indicates that you’re the most popular site on the web. Alexa is owned by and you can check them out. They have something called the Alexa toolbar, which quite an interesting little thing. You can download for free and it gives you an idea of how popular sites are. Anything with an Alexa rating of say 150,000 or lower is usually not too bad. Anything below 10,000 to 20,000 or say 50,000 or below is excellent, that’s a popular website.

Technorati is a website for blogs. So, the number there basically gives you an idea of how many posts are mentioning your site. And obviously, the higher that number the better.

And then the number of RSS readers you have, I’m not going to go into that subject. But if you’ll look on your Internet Explorer, and if you’re using FireFox, you’ll probably see this little guy here called an RSS feed, and you can read and search about that more later on.

So, what John’s basically saying is that he’s getting plenty of traffic and there are lots of readers to his website. So, you can buy various different ad sponsorships, different sizes at different costs. Pricing for this particular unit is $1,000 per month. You might say, Oh my goodness, that’s a lot of money. But if your target market fits Johns readership and he’s getting 200,000 unique visitors to his site a month, that’s probably actually a very cost effective option for you.

Then he has different sized imbedded ad sponsorships such as something that looks a bit like this or the button sponsorships, which are those little guys I showed you over on the right hand side there, and they’re $500 a month.

So typically, if you want to set up this kind of setup where you’re selling the advertising yourself, you want to build your own, oh yes I mentioned earlier Comtara ads as part of up here, Comtara, as a contextual advertising company. Here’s an example of a Comtara ad, see the word email is double underlined when you put your mouse over it this content ad pops up. I believe Comtara rebrands this for different companies. So, you’ll sometimes see a similar looking product with multiple names. You might see Comtara or content link, or I think there is an inteletex one, which is similar as well.

So, they’re quite a useful little thing. And to the best of my knowledge, you can run them in conjunction with Google AdSense. Anyway, that’s jumping off the topic.

John’s gone down the path as a site that’s got lots of traffic of creating his own deals. So, if you get a website to that level, you can create the deals you want and you’ll get an idea quickly enough where the people are actually interested in it or not.

Now an alternative option is a piece of software or a software script from a guy by the name of James Brash. Now I’ve purchased several of his software products, he’s a very interesting character. I’ll have a link to his site for you to look at. He offers a service called Trafficopia, which and don’t let this website put you off, it’s part of a split test. So, when you get there it might look completely different from me.

But basically, what it does, it’s $105, it’s a piece of PHP script. And what it does is it allows you to set this system up on a website and then you can actually sell traffic to people. So, I’ll have a link for Trafficopia for you to have a look at. That’s a low cost option that just about anyone could use.

Once again, however, it’s important that you have traffic before you start doing this kind of stuff.

So hopefully, those two different options just give you something to think about. Once again, as I said, you’re probably not going to do this kind of thing until you start to make some pretty decent traffic. But keep it in mind, it’s definitely worthwhile. As your blog becomes popular you’ll find people will approach you about wanting to advertise on your blog. And this is a way for you to start planning for that.

So, at least keep it in your mind as an option that you want to implement in the future.

Okay, two more ways to go and then we’re finished. We’re nearly finished down to number six and one to go.

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