Welcome to Small Business Marketing TV – my name is Eran Malloch, and I’ll be your host for the foreseeable future. 🙂

Small Business Marketing TV came about due to my long standing frustration with the terrible lack of knowledge & understanding about EFFECTIVE marketing that most small business people have.

Yes, small business IS the backbone of most countries, but in reality, small business people tend to be far less educated about what it takes to successfully market their business than larger businesses, and it shows…

Most small businesses are started by people like me, who are/were good at their job and decided to work for themselves, rather than “the man” (with no disrespect to our female viewers intended). At the end of the day, what that really means is that these people are good at what they do (their job role in the past) but they tend to be lacking in other vital areas that make a real difference to the success of any business.

Michael Gerber (author of The E-Myth) describes most small business people as “technicians” – people who are good at doing something, but many of them lack strong skills in the other 2 key areas: Management & Entrepreneurship.

Now, I’m no world expert on Management, but I do know Entrepreneurship (and sales/marketing – a key element of entrepreneurship) and that’s what this site is all about – helping small business people with the very important element of marketing.

Small Business Marketing TV (SBMtv) was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibraryTV, but is a distillation of my many years working with Small Business people in a sales role, a training role & a consulting/advising role. The ‘TV’ aspect (or web video in this case) is because web video is so easy to create & share these days that it seems foolish to just focus on writing content by itself.

Some Present & Past Clients:

That’s all for now. As I get more time, I’ll update this page on the site, but for now, thanks for visiting – I really hope you get some value out of your time here & please sign up for the email updates so you are kept up to speed on each new episode as it is released.

best regards
Eran Malloch
Small Business Marketing TV

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