Thank you for requesting a copy of my free book.

In order to get the download instructions for the book, you will need to do the following:

1) Look in your inbox for an email asking you to confirm your subscription to Small Business Marketing TV. It should normally turn up within 1 hr maximum, but more commonly within 1-2 minutes – please be patient as it can take a little extra time some days.

This email contains a special CONFIRM link you will need to click to confirm your request. If  you do not click this link, you will not receive the 1st email, which includes the password you will need to download the free book. Here’s a screenshot of what the email should look like:

2) If you do not receive the confirmation email mentioned above (within 30-60 mins normally), it is because somewhere between my email server and your computer, a filter has decided that the email you requested is spam, and blocked it from getting to you. I’ve found that on average, 10-20% of my confirmation emails just get lost in cyberspace, mostly due to overzealous spam filters. It’s a lot easier than you think for an innocent, legitimate email to be mistaken as spam (this is called a “false-positive”). Legitimate marketers (like me) who send permission-based emails to people who requested them get spam filtered all the time.

Unfortunately, there is no easy/quick fix. 🙁

Yes, this really does happen and is as annoying as heck! However, there’s nothing I can do about it from my side, so these are your options if you don’t receive the confirmation request email and other follow-up emails from me:

i) Check your spam/junk folder or filter. If the filter decided (falsely) that my email/s are spam, they may be in the folder, in which case there should be an option for marking my email as NOT SPAM and letting it through to your inbox. Services like gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail and so forth all have this option built-in.

If your anti-virus software and/or email program (Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, etc.) is causing this problem, they also have various options to stop this. You’ll need to read the instructions that come with your software on how to WHITELIST my email addresses (which are listed below).

ii) The next step, if the above don’t work, is that you might want to contact your ISP & let them know that somewhere along the line, emails you have requested from me (and possibly others) are being blocked. Let them know that you have requested emails from me via my email service provider (aweber) and they are not getting through to you.

You can tell them that my mail server details are:
AWeber Mail Servers

and the return email address on my emails is:

Ask them if they can investigate why my emails are not getting through to your email address, and that you want them to unblock (whitelist) my mail servers & email address from their spam filter/s and allow emails to get through properly.

iii) As another option, try filling in the subscription form again using a totally different email address. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.

 iv) Another alternative is send me a message via the contact form on my website with your details and I will see what I can do about getting the book to you anyway. PLEASE wait at least 60 mins before trying this though. Sometimes the email just runs a little slow…


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